A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

UNKO - UNnamed KOllection of minigames inspired by the theme "leave a mark". Might also mean something nasty in japanese. Who knows.

A collection of six minigames inspired by the theme "leave a mark". Includes a freeplay/practice mode as well as an endurance/endless mode. Controls can be changed by editing the controls.lua file inside the .love-file. Default controls are: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT = arrow keys, ACTION = space, PAUSE = escape.

Volume can be adjusted using + and -. Ctrl & +/- scales the window instead (3x, 2x, 1x are possible, 1x is the default).

Tools used:

  • Löve2D & Lua
  • Vim, Arch Linux, Git
  • Gimp, Piskel, imagemagick
  • Bfxr, Bosca Ceoil, Audacity

I hope you don't encounter too many bugs. I really cut it close to the deadline this time!

Project repository at GitHub: https://github.com/puustina/openjam

Install instructions

To run the .love file you need the LÖVE executable (game was made using version 0.10.2). On Linux and Android you can get it from your package manager/app store. For example on Arch Linux you would first install LÖVE by issuing "pacman -S love" and then run the game from the terminal with "love openjam_nassi.love".

openjam_nassi_w32.zip contains a standalone Windows version.


openjam_nassi_w32.zip 13 MB
openjam_nassi.love 10 MB

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